Standen UniPlus Stone and Clod Separator

Growers seeking a soil, clod and stone separator that delivers high performance AND outstanding bed quality need look no further than the new, improved Standen UniPlus range. The UniPlus Clod and Stone Separator range of destoners helps growers to;

  • Improve yields
  • Improve crop quality, shape and finish
  • Reduce harvesting damage
  • Lift faster

Standen Engineers have refined the UniPlus intake system to achieve fast, smooth operation even downhill or in challenging land conditions. This advanced design means that visibility restricting, costly-to-run intake rotors are unnecessary. The UniPlus range still employs Standen’s own patented Actiflow star system in conjunction with webs for maximum separating efficiency.

There are 3 different UniPlus models, all available in working widths of 1500mm, 1700mm and 2400mm. There is also a large range of optional extras available so you can really fit your UniPlus model to your working conditions and required output.

Available models include

All Web Uniplus - 4 Webs
Star and Underweb UniPlus- 10 Rows of Stars with Underweb
Star and Rear Web UniPlus - 10 Rows of Stars with Infill Rings and Rear Web

No matter which spec you choose the undersides of Standen UniPlus separators are completely clear, with no axle or cross beams. This means that the UniPlus delivers unrivalled bed quality and consistency. Auto-depth control with in-cab override completes a highly competitive separator to give your business a real advantage.

The All Web UniPlus Model

Ideal for those operating on light soils, has generous separating areas. The front 3 webs feature toothed belt drives and are fully interchangeable which is one of the many features designed to reduce running costs.

The Star and Underweb UniPlus Model

Features 10 rows of 320mm diameter highly aggressive Actiflow stars along with a secondary separating web located beneath the rear six rows, making this machine unrivalled in heavy clod conditions. This secondary web extends to the rear to feed clods or stones to the cross conveyor. The Underweb completes the separating process and grades soil to create consistently high quality beds. The additional drop at the end of the patented Actiflow star system bed onto the web dramatically enhances separation. It’s unnecessary to change star spacers for different requirements; a simple web pitch change is all that’s needed, again helping to reduce downtime.

The Star and Rear Web UniPlus Model

Manipulates the use of our patented Actiflow Star system combined with 2 different sizes of in-fill rings.  There are large in-fill rings on the front 5 rows, to keep stones out of the bed, and small in-fill rings on the rear 5 rows to grade soil to 36-40mm whilst maintaining high outputs. The separating process is completed by a transfer web onto the cross-conveyor. The fineness of the bed can be controlled by the user from the cab, simply by tweaking PTO input speeds.

About Standen’s Actiflow Star System

Standen’s own Actiflow system is unique. Actiflow is a patented system of stars with alternate long fingers arranged in a spiral double-helix configuration. As soil and stones feed on to the star bed, Actiflow stars move the material away from the centre towards the outsides, then back again, repeating the process through the machine. This highly efficient system makes best use of the separation area available for maximum performance.  With Actiflow there are no 'dead' spots or wasted areas, with more soil on the shoulders of the bed than our competitors’ machines.

Large 320mm diameter DUROPOL polymer stars, specially developed for Standen provide huge capacity and last longer than any other star available. This reduces down time and running costs. Star fingers at a new aggressive angle work fast, for effective clod crumbling and higher output. Large star diameter also speeds the flow of material through the machine and increases the processing capacity of the star bed.

To book a demo or for more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Video thumbnail for Standen UniPlus Stone and Clod Separator
Video thumbnail for Standen UniPlus Stone and Clod Separator
Video thumbnail for Standen UniPlus Stone and Clod Separator

Specification overview

Tractor HP 120HP
Working Widths 1500, 1700 & 2400mm
Depth Control Auto Depth control
Discs Large 1400mm serated intake discs
Download full specification

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