About Standen


Standen Engineering Limited is an independent privately owned company; manufacturers of Standen Potato Systems and Standen Powavator Rotary Tillers which are sold through dealer network which can be found on our contact us page.

Standen Imports is our imported machinery division; suppliers of specialist salad and vegetable planting and harvesting machinery.

Standen Potato Systems products:

  • Bed Formers

  • Rotary Tillers

  • Stone and Clod separators

  • Planters

  • Toppers

  • Harvesters

  • Separation modules

Our design teams are constantly refining our products and developing new technologies; many of these are protected by worldwide patents. Custom built machines for sweet potato, miscanthus, onion, carrot, red beet, swede, parsnip and turnip topping and harvesting are available to order.

Standen Potato Systems also includes products imported from the Netherlands; Baselier hook-tine cultivators and potato toppers. Keulmac onion toppers, onion windrowers.

Standen Imports products:

  • Arc Tying Machines

  • De Jongh Weeding Systems

  • Imants JNC Rotovator

  • Imants Spaders

  • Imants Fumigators

  • Bassi & Bassi seeding equipment

  • Ferrari Transplanters

  • Ortomec Seed Drills

  • Ortomec Leaf Harvesters

  • Forigo Bed Formers

  • Forigo Stone Buriers

  • Hoaf Thermal Weed and Foliage Control

  • Ferrari Inter row hoe weeder

  • Simon Carrot & Leek Harvesters

Standen Sub-Contract Services:

With the resources of a complete manufacturing facility in one location, Standen Engineering Ltd is ideally situated to offer a comprehensive range of sub-contract engineering services to many different industries.

Standen Engineering Ltd is managed by a board of directors:

  • David Rickwood:    Finance Director

  • Richard Holmes:    Design & Production Director

  • Edward Gilbert:      Sales and Marketing Director 

  • Martyn Gardner:     Sales Director

  • Andy Bone:             Company Chairman


Ownership: Standen Engineering Ltd is owned by its shareholders, most of whom hold key positions within the company.

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