VHM Boxfilr Monofilr

Monofilr is VHM’s most compact BoxFilr.
The Monofilr processes 40 - 50 tonnes p/h standalone. The affordable powerhouse offers the following typical advantages:

  • minimum drop height to protect the crop,
  • high speed,
  • ease of use, plus
  • extra BigBag Container option. 

The Monofilr is extremely easy to use and minimises box handling. The compact BoxFlir saves you four forklift movements per box, and
increases safety and the workflow.

The boxes are filled by weight via the twin funnel system which ensures that the product is distributed perfectly evenly, preventing dump cones, and enables you to control the compactness by determining the descent rate with your forklift.This creates the distinctive airy product distribution feature of the box, which facilitates faster drying during storage.

An extremely solid design in accordance with industrial standards, the Monofilr has a low number of rotating parts, making it extremely
stable and virtually fault-free. The Monofilr is easy to move.

The number of boxes and the total weights are registered by the machine and can be easily copied onto a USB stick and exported in PDF format.

The Monofilr is perfect for use all year round; an indispensable workhorse during the storing process and an asset in the grading line.

Monofilr Key Features:

  • Capacity: 50 boxes p/h
  • Standard size: 1600 x 1200 x 1250 mm (LxWxH) custom box size on demand
  • Machine dimensions:1500 x 2330 x 3600 mm (LxWxH)
  • Collapsed height: 3450 mm
  • Filling conveyor width: 1000 mm

Need more capacity?  Take a look at the VHM Boxfilr Twinfilr.

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