Baselier FF Series Compact Front Cultivator Type FF170-FF310-FF380)

The BASELIER FF Series Compact Front Cultivator (Type FF170-FF310-FF380)is a compact front mounted cultivator which is used for planting and cultivating in a one pass operation. Designed for high quality tilth soil cultivations on stone free soils, the machine has been a popular choice for growers due to its effectiveness and low power requirements.

The FF Series Front Cultivators are of a compact construction and cultivate at a steady and constant working depth, to produce ideal crumbling, with no clods for ideal growing conditions.

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Specification overview

Crumbler Roller V-form on front cultivator
PTO Shaft W2500 with slip clutch, tractor side 1 3/8' - 6 splines
Welded Hook Tines mounted on plates welded on rotor shaft Ø 60 cm
Inspection Covers & Rear Plate With plastic plate inside
Depth Wheels x 2 600x9-10PR with spindle adjustment type FF310-380, type FF170-200 no wheels
Plate Full width with 2 side plates
Gearbox 250 HP - 1000 RPM, rotor shaft 450 RPM
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