Standen BX Bed Former Series

2-Bodied, 3-Bodied and 4-Bodied Models

Robust, economical and versatile, the Standen BX Bed Former Series is engineered with a number of different options to suit every soil type so that you can be confident of creating a smooth and even bed.

The Standen BX Bed former series includes 2, 3 and 4 bodied models all with the option of either standard bodies for heavier soils, where a traditional plough type is preferred, convex ridger bodies for light and sandy soils and, brand new for 2022, square bodies, again for light and stony land.

Convex bodies produce wide furrow bottoms which are a great advantage where stone contents are high, as they provide extra space for separated stones. Convex models are available with bed finishing plates, which prevent loose soil falling back into the furrow bottom.

Square bodies produce a square shaped bed which allows for even filling of the destoner and creates a wider trench for stone spoil.

All of the Standen BX Bed former series models are available with either hard wearing shearbolt legs or auto reset multi directional legs, which can break back in any direction.

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Video thumbnail for Standen BX Bed Former Series
Video thumbnail for Standen BX Bed Former Series

Specification overview

High Strength Frames
Standard ridging bodies (suitable for heavier soils)
Markers with spring loaded discs
Strong shearbolt legs
Depth wheels (4-bodied BX Bedformer only)
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