Standen Engineering Ltd grows its harvesting machinery range with New QM Windrower launch

Standen Engineering Ltd is proud to announce the launch of their brand new QM Windrower. The QM Windrower’s development and launch has been in response to increasing grower demand for better harvesting output without wanting to invest in a larger self propelled harvester or in the labour, trailers and additional machinery required to run an additional harvesting team.

Windrowing virtually doubles harvesting output by lifting and dropping potatoes into the neighbouring, un-harvested row.  Growers then only need to use one trailed harvester to lift and clean two beds-worth of potatoes in one pass.

The Standen QM Windrower is based on the QM harvester model and as such ease of operation and gentle, compact, effective separation comes as standard. With its compact, lightweight design the QM Windrower has excellent manoeuvrability, able to operate in even the smallest fields.

The Windrow Conveyor on the model is 500mm wide with the ability to discharge onto either the adjacent bed or one bed further over. The end section is adjustable for angle to minimise crop damage in the windrowing and subsequent pass through the harvester. The Windrow Conveyor is fully foldable to reduce the width of the machine for transport.

The Standen QM Windrower comes with either the Galaxy Star cleaning system; suitable for light soil types or an OMEGA Separation unit which is better for heavier soil types or more thorough clod removal prior to passing through the harvester. As well as the choice of separation technology the The Standen QM Windrower comes with automatic depth control as standard, with low ground pressure rubber tyres, electronically sensed for LHS/RHS auto depth control, spring suspension and easy adjustment ensuring low pressure on the ridge or bed.

Ed Gilbert, Standen’s Sales & Marketing Director commented, “As we know, the last 12 months has brought a real harvesting challenge for UK growers.  We don’t know what future weather patterns might bring but we do know that growers are looking to maximise their efficiency during this key period in their growing year. We are therefore delighted to be able to add the Standen QM Windrower to our harvesting range which will really help growers to increase their harvesting output. It’s a great quality machine and would invite anyone who wants more information or to book a demo to get in touch.