Standen QM Windrower

Get better harvesting output without investing in a larger harvester or an extra harvesting team and machinery with the Standen QM Windrower.

Windrowing virtually doubles harvesting output by lifting and dropping potatoes into the neighbouring, un-harvested row.  Growers then only need to use one trailed harvester to lift and clean two beds-worth of potatoes in one pass.

Based on the QM harvester model; gentle, compact, effective separation comes as standard with the easy to operate Standen QM Windrower. Its compact, lightweight design means that it has excellent manoeuvrability. 

The Windrow Conveyor is 500mm wide with the ability to discharge onto either the adjacent bed or one bed further over. The end section is adjustable for angle to reduce crop drop. The Conveyor is fully foldable to reduce the width of the machine for transport.

Low Ground Impact

The Standen QM Windrower comes with automatic depth control as standard, with low ground pressure rubber tyres, electronically sensed for LHS/RHS auto depth control, spring suspension and easy adjustment ensuring low pressure on the ridge or bed.

Your choice of separation technology

The Standen QM Windrower comes with either the Galaxy Star cleaning system; suitable for light soil types or an OMEGA Separation unit which is better for heavier soil types or more thorough clod removal prior to passing through the harvester.

The Galaxy Star System

The Galaxy star cleaning system is simple yet highly effective, consuming less power than axial rollers and delivering high quality results. Three pairs of fourteen-fingered stars and contra rotating mechanically driven rollers can be reverse dependent on crop and conditions. With a choice of round, hexagonal square rollers with independent drive, depending on the amount of stone, clod and haulm to be removed. 

OMEGA Separation : Advanced Separation Technology

The OMEGA variation of the QM Windrower comes with one OMEGA separation unit comprising 5 x soft fluted scroll rollers and 4 x extraction rollers. The OMEGA unit is angle adjustable from the cab to provide varying degrees of separation. Fluted and clod roller speeds and clod roller height are adjustable from the drivers cab. 

Suitable for use on salad and main crop potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips and  turnips

For more information or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Video thumbnail for Standen QM Windrower
Video thumbnail for Standen QM Windrower

Specification overview

Power Requirements From 65hp for Galaxy Separators; 100hp for OMEGA Separators
Windrow Conveyor 500mm wide with the ability to discharge onto either adjacent bed or one bed further over. The end section is adjustable for angle to reduce crop drop, fully foldable for transport.
Controls Electronic in-cab control box
Depth Control Automatic depth sensing
Weight (unladen) TBC
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