Gourdon TBG Lateral Dump Carts

Gourdon TBG Lateral Dump Carts are trailers that hydraulically raise and tip laterally, enabling growers to quickly tip directly from trailer to trailer without needing to tip to floor first or to use a conveyor. 

The TBG Lateral dump carts are suitable for use in the transportation of peas, beans, carrots, onions, cabbages, beet crops, maize, all cereal crops, muck and woodchip. 

The carts are available in 3 different capacities: The TBG 220, holding 22m³ or 10 tonne capacity, the TBG 275 holding 27.5m³ and the TBG 330, holding 33m³, both holding 15 tonne capacity.

The Key Benefits of the Gourdon TBG Lateral Dump Carts:

  • Smooth & Efficient Tipping

    • Growers can tip in a very short amount of time without damaging the crop
  • Increased Productivity

    • There is no need for the harvester to stop to enable cart fill, saving time in the field
  • Versatility

    • The TBG range of trailers is compatible with all types of harvesters and crops
  • Reduction in soil compaction

    • Used as a team the cart allows for the removal of a harvester's hopper, reducing harvester weight and minimising soil compaction.  Further to this the trailers are also available on tracks which willl spread the surface area of the trailer's weight in the field.
  • Stability at tipping

    • At elevation and tipping, anti-tilting cylinders counter to the tipping side operate on the suspension to stiffen it whilst ensuring stability whilst tipping and weight transfer takes place.

If you have any questions or for more information please dont hesitate to contact us.

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Specification overview

Adjustable drawer bar - 3 height positions Hydraulic braking with nitrogen emergency brake
Hydraulic elevation and tipping on tractor hydraulic valves Anti-tilting double-acting cylinders with automatic action on elevation
Counterweight opposite to the tipping side Conical body with sight window
Drain hatch under body Centralised greasing of all cylinders and body pivots
Removeable sides with customisable loading height and volume capacity Double LED lighting and protection grid
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