Brettmeister K3 Transfer Trailer

The Brettmeister K3 transfer trailer allows growers to have a harvest without interruptions and ensures that the transporters stay on the road.

Effective Cleaning

The additional cleaning unit between bunker belt and transfer belt cleans up the crop per bunker content by up to three cubic meters of soil and leaves it where it belongs, on the field. The cleaning performance is easily adjustable from the cab.

Excellent In-Cab Visibilty

The slider, the cleaning unit, and the entire transfer belt are perfectly visible from the tractor cab. Optionally, you also get a camera system so that you always have the band tip, the bunker and the area under the cleaning unit in view.

Also at home in the crop

A device with multiple benefits: In addition, in the rear part, a grain auger can be attached in a few simple steps. By changing the direction of transport, the bunker belt then conveys to the rear and the grain can be over-loaded onto trailers via the auger.

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Specification overview

Cleaning of up to 2 m³ per bunker content Up to 20% higher clearing performance
The dropping soil stays on the field Less staining on the road
Low maintenance costs Simple and robust construction
Length x width x height = ca. 10,8 m x 2,75 m x 3,5 m Empty weight - from 8.2 tonnes
Cleaning rolls - adjustable lengthwise cleaning rolls or adjustable crosswise cleaning rolls, 2 steps Overloading width and height - 5m each
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