VSS Amac LKU Onion haulm topper

The VSS AMAC Onion Haulm Topper (LKU) is designed to remove onion haulm. The VSS AMAC LKU is distinguished by its versatility and robust construction. Service and maintenance are easy to perform.

The LKU is equipped with double knives, which creates a greater suction power, so that the foliage is sucked upwards and flat foliage is also cut off. This also shreds the foliage better, giving great haulm topping results. The knives are made of a very high quality steel ensuring their durability. The VSS AMAC LKU is available in various working widths: 1.5 m, 1.7 m and 2.25 m. 

When used in conjunction with the VSS Amac Harvester, haulm topping and onion lifting becomes a one pass operation.

For more information please contact us on sales@standen.co.uk

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