Vegniek DiscMaster Precision Haulm Puller

The Vegniek DiscMaster is a precision haulm puller. Easy to operate and powered by the tractor's hydraulic system, the DiscMaster marks a revolution in haulm destruction.

The DiscMaster is lightweight and easy to use as well as being very accurate with low operating costs.

There are 2 size options; the DiscMaster 150, a 2 row model and the DiscMaster 300, a 4 row model.  A 6 row model is in development.

The Advantages

  • No exposed potatoes therefore no greening
  • Perfect sealing and pressing of the rows
  • Strong driveline straight from tractor hydraulics
  • Simple effective depth control
  • Harvest potatoes earlier
  • Less chance of rhizoctonia infection
  • Potato growth stops immediately.

Closed rows

Via the spring-loaded haulm guides the haulm is brought to the intake drums along with a small amount of ground that is directed to the pull discs. Next to the pull discs are stainless steel gliders that prevent potatoes from being pulled out of the row.  As soon as the flow of haulm with ground leaves the pull discs it is guided to the diabolo rollers which then gently press the loose ground. The result: Well-covered potatoes and a well-closed rows which are resistant against weather influences.

Light weight machine and easy to use

The DiscMaster is a strongly built machine but also light in weight and easy to use. The machine hangs completely in the lift of the tractor. All elements are independently suspended for perfect tracking of the ground and bumps. The haulm guides are following the rows and can be adjusted in all directions by means of one bolt. The speed of the pull discs is variable, adjustable from the cab and the working depth is adjustable via a spindle on the back of the machine.

Low operating costs

By pulling potato haulm, spraying or burning the crop can be avoided at least once or maybe twice. In many cases, spraying is no longer necessary at all. The moment of growth stop is much better to determine, the mother potato dies earlier and the hardening process of the potato goes much faster so that earlier harvesting is possible. Because the DiscMaster requires little maintenance, it's already cheaper than traditional ways on areas of 40 hectares upwards of haulm pulling.

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