Imants Spaders

Imants are specialist producers of spading machines for agriculture and horticulture. They build deep-spaders and medium deep-spaders for soil remediation and specialty crops.with models suitable for every soil type.

Spading is a separate method of primary tillage. Spading tills the soil intensively without losing its structure. The soil is turned by the spade shaft and thoroughly mixed.

The organic material is mixed with the most biologically active, oxygen-rich topsoil. Stubble, residue, stable manure, compost, green manure and even maize straw can easily be incorporated well in a single process. This means the organic matter becomes available immediately as food for micro-organisms.

There is no plough pan because of the unique way the spades are inserted. The result is better water management, while fertilisers and minerals are better used.

Because the spade shaft pushes “forwards”, less tractive force is needed compared to ploughing. The tractor travels on the topsoil, not in it. The spading machine removes all compressed soil to create the perfect seed bed without clumping. And the fuel consumption per hectare is lower!

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