Imants JNC Rotovator

Over the years, the Imants JNC rotovator has built up a reputation as a quality machine. Unique because of its centre drive, it cannot be compared with other cultivators fitted with a side drive.

The transmission gear box in the middle of the rotovator provides a robust and direct, virtually maintenance free drive. There is no need for a chain case on the side, and the machine width is more or less the working width as a result. The rotovator is therefore particularly suited for use in greenhouses, strip cultivation and in tree nurseries. Users who value quality above all else are very appreciative of the unique technical design of this rotary cultivator. The slightly higher purchase price is more than offset by the faultless operation, low maintenance costs and long service life.

JNC rotovators are available in a light (L) and heavy (Z) duty version. In addition to the range of standard working widths offered, special working widths can be provided on request. The JNC overtop rotovator is very popular in the floriculture and landscaping sectors.

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