Forigo Spaders

Forigo produce three types of spaders:

Forigo RTA Spader

The Forigo RTA rotary plough is the result of over 50 years of experience in the field of soil preparation machinery. It is suitable to all types of soil. The central gearbox offers an optimal transmission and the best operating performance for a tillage up to 60 cm deep.


  • The PTO can be placed at two heights with a shift of 16 cm for an optimal coupling with all tractor types
  • Rotary skids for depth regulation
  • Stabiliser wheels for working up to 60cm deep
  • Rear levelling hood
  • Front anchors
  • Central subsoiler
  • Innovative central gearbox

Forigo RTB Spader

RTB: The RTB rotary plow is a machine designed to adapt to all type of grounds and all working conditions. It rationally uses PTO power, bringing efficiency to a higher level than that of the conventional plow with a consequent decrease in fuel consumption. Especially in wet or damp soils, where plowing is not feasible, the rotary plow makes it possible by eliminating tractor skidding and maintaining correct weight distribution.


  • Rear rake with levelling roller (various types on request)
  • Strong and compact side gearbox
  • Special patented ploughshares that do not create a smooth pan
  • Depth regulation rotating device
  • Radiator for gearbox oil cooling
  • Special shanks (on request)

RTB-D: this version of the Forigo spader can be fitted with double transmission increasing reliability at high power

RTB-P: A large folding machine that can fit into the allowed measures for road transport (2,40 m)

Forigo RTC Spader

The Forigo RTC Spader is particularly suitablefor the regeneration of soils with residual problems, especially in vegetable crops.
This is a high performance rotary plow with minumum effort, for tractors from 200 to 400 HP.

The rotary plow RTC allows working in difficult conditions, in particular wet soils, where traditional ploughing is not possible. As well as working on flat land maintaining the right weight distribution, the rotary plough helps to limit soil slipping and prevents the the tractor getting stuck in more diffult conditions.  After spading the soil is more homogeneous and fragmented. 

Standard features:

  • Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2 and 3
  • Gearbox 540/750/1000 rpm PTO
  • Rear PTO connection
  • Central transmission driven by gears
  • Big diameter rotor with special blades
  • Central subsoiler
  • Rear selector rake and /or on rear hood with springs
  •  Inner counter-frame made with technopolymer
  • Working depth regulation rotating device
  • Cardan shaft with automatic torque limiter
  • SC type
  • Pair of supporting feet

On request:

  • Spike roller 250, 300, 400
  • Packer roller 250, 300, 400
  • Flanged roller 250, 300, 400
  • Other rollers on request
  • Subsoilers complete with support
  • Kit for power harrow linkage

For more information about the range of Forigo spaders please contact us. 


Specification overview

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