Standen SR200 Planter

The Standen SR 200 is an easy to set-up, two row, accurate cup planter.  It includes a revolutionary new cup design that is capable of handling longer and larger seed.

The Standen SR 200 Planter offers a high work rate, achieving fast forward speeds of up to 10km/h. The updated in-cab touch screen controls operate the hydraulic space selector to give high levels of control over seed spacing and ensure accurate planting. The new stainless steel hood design with automatic hydraulic pressure adjustment forms perfect ridges even at high forward speeds. Optional equipment on this new planter includes a hillside kit which includes a steering and vibrating seed return system.

  • Revolutionary cup design that will plant large and long seed, something that cup planters have struggled with.
  • Accurate planting, cup planters have always been more accurate than belt planters as long as they will handle differing seed sizes, the SR range will do just that.
  • Ability to plant all seed sizes, small to long and cut seed also. Medium inserts will handle anything from 30 - 55mm seed, with the simple seed singulation system reducing doubles over conventional cup planters.
  • Fast forward speeds of up to 10km/h are achievable to give high work rates
  • Simple design, easy to set up.
  • Hydraulic Space Selector to give easy spacing control via touchscreen control box. Mechanical version also available.
  • New stainless steel hood design with an automatic hydraulic pressure adjustment to form perfect ridges at high forward speeds.
  • Optional Hillside kit which includes steering and vibrating seed return system

2 row models in production for 2022 season. 4 row offset model in production for 2024. 3 row bed model in development.

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