Ferrari Remolite Inter Row Weeder

REMOLITE is the Ferrari semi-automatic inter-row weeder. The machine is equipped with a revolutionary interface applied between the tractor and the farm equipment that can guarantee a high working speed (up to 15 km/h). The integrated software allows an amazing weeding precision, ensuring to the operator the best comfort. Because of these features, Remolite is an essential hoe to use both in organic and conventional crops such as: brassicas, celery, tomato, corn, soya bean and tobacco. Many other crops can be treated with this technology as well.

The machine is equipped with a double-lens optical camera that can be installed either on the frame behind the tractor (between the gauge wheels) or on the external part of the frame. The camera can detect images coming either from a single line of plants or from multiple lines. The wide reading angle of the camera is ideal for multiple rows, allowing the machine to operate even when there is a high presence of weeds in the ground.

The information processed by the vision system is used to control the hydraulic side-shifting frame, in order to guide the hoes of the machine as close as possible to the crop. On request, an operator sitting on the top of the machine and replacing the function of the camera can control the side-shifting frame. 

Each weeding element mounted on the frame is equipped with a parallel linkage mounting bearings to guarantee stability and precision. Flexible rubber wheels control the working depth. The weeding teeth are installed on calibrated springs and finish with a goose feet hoe.

In order to weed as close as possible to the plant, the Remolite is equipped with rotating rubber fingers mounted on a support that starts from the frame. The rotating fingers have different sizes according to the row spacing. The hardness of the rubber can change according to the type of soil the machine has to weed (loose, heavy, …).
The frames can be either fixed or foldable, depending on the width.

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