VHM BoxFilr

Filling boxes with extreme care for the product can be done with the VHM BoxFilr. Unique in its kind, the buffer can easily cope with 2.5 tonnes, allowing a box to be filled in a few seconds. The wide filling conveyor belt with optional dynamic fall breaker ensures a minimum drop height. With speeds of 70 to 140 boxes per hour, efficiency and tranquillity on the work floor go hand in hand.

The combination of the twin-chute and the adjustable drop speed with shock function ensures for an optimal product distribution in the box. The box filler has a weighing and registration system, allowing you to fill the boxes to the set weight. As desired, you can fill loosely or less loosely and so aim for a particular storage presentation.

In combination with a VHM BigBagContainer this machine, without having to be converted, also functions as a BigBag filler with a filling precision of 2k.

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