Vegniek Box Rotator

The BT301 is the most robust and compact box rotator on the market. The rotator is easy to install on your forklift, front loader, lifting mast or telehandler and can be used during all seasons, both in the storage and in the field.


The dosed emptying is done with perfect control, so the drop height is always minimal (ideal for fragile products). The upper clamp can be fully reclined, so that several boxes can be transported simultaneously. There is less damage to boxes because the box is fully supported when rotating.


Unique tipping mechanism without pivots on the side of the box. So it is easy to pick-up boxes which are standing next to each other. Only 1 double acting hydraulic valve is required for all functions. The hydraulic system is designed in such a way that operating errors are excluded.

  • Efficient handling of the boxes: pick up, empty and put away
  • Outflow of product far in front of the forklift over the entire width of the box
  • Minimum frontal extension length (up to 30% more lift capacity of your forklift-truck than with other forward tipping box rotators)
  • Good view of the forks
  • Protected against operating errors
  • Very fast and safe mounting and dismounting with optional support
  • Fall Breaker to protect product

Fall Breaker

A fall breaker can be mounted on the standard Vegniek forward box rotator. This makes it possible to transfer product to another box very easily, without the product being damaged due to a too great fall height. The product fl ow is constricted and inhibited by trap loops. Practice has shown that this is a good alternative to turning boxes. The fall breaker is also ideal if vulnerable production has to be tipped in, for example, a bunker.


  • Fits on a standard BT301 with a 1,60mtr upper clamp
  • Width of the spout 1.1 m
  • Mounting by means of 2 bolts


With the big bag filler it is possible to fi ll big bags directly from the box with a standard Vegniek box rotator. The product is dosed into the big bag, with the fall being inhibited by fall loops in the funnel.

The method is as follows; A full box is taken, the upper clamp is closed and the box is rotated for approx. 70°. The big bag is then hung on the hooks. Then the box is completely rotated. By first keeping the funnel low to the ground and gradually lifting it, the product is neatly poured into the big bag without a great drop height.

After that, the big bag can be put away on a pallet (without having to get off the forklift). The result is a tightly filled big bag. This makes it possible to store the product longer in boxes and quickly and efficiently transfer it into big bags just before delivery. This preserves the quality of the product and prevents big bags from sagging.


  • Fits on a standard BT301 with a 1,60mtr upper clamp
  • Mounting in several minutes

Forks with Quick Release System

The (dis) assembly of forks is a tough job and not entirely without danger. The quickreleaseforks are then ideal. By removing the locking blocks, the forks can be easily putaway on a pallet, both at the same time. Later, the forks can easily be hooked back onto the fork carrier. Just mount the locking blocks and you’re done. And all without having to lift or move the forks.


  • Set of FemIII forks with quick release
  • Fork size 120x50mm long 1180mm

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