BASELIER Rotary Hook Tine Cultivator (Rigid)

The BASELIER Hook Tine Cultivator (Rigid) Type FKV-FKVB is one of our best selling machines and is available in 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed models for full width or inter row cultivations, providing exceptional soil crumbling and clod busting for optimum potato planting conditions. Models are available in widths of up to 9.1metres.

Baselier FKV Series Rotary Hook Tine Cultivators are now available with a rubber top plate as a factory fitted option. The rubber top plates replace traditional stainless steel ones, with the flexible nature of the rubber leading to a considerable reduction in soil adhering to them during work.
Cleaner running, less cleaning downtime, lower tine wear and reduced fuel consumption of up to 15% have all been experienced by UK growers with rubber top plate equipped test machines during 2015. This is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of under hood soil build-up on this type of machine; typical of BASELIER'S approach to design and development.

Options include:

  • Rear crumbler rollers
  • Stainless Steel Hood
  • Stainless Steel or rubber top plate
  • Hardened tines
  • Hydrauclic markers
  • Further optional extras are also available, click to view pdf


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Specification overview

Wheels 2 steel wheels D500x180 with spindle adjustment
Plate Full width with 2 side plates
PTO Shaft W2500 with slip clutch, tractor side 1 3/8’ - 6 splines 2FKV 160 - 3FKV 235
W2500 with auto reset clutch, tractor side 1 3/8’ - 6 splines 4FKV 310 - 4FKV 380
Gearbox 250 HP - 1000 RPM, rotor shaft 360 RPM
Welded Hook Tines mounted on tine clamps on rotor shaft Ø 75 cm
FKV Rotor Shaft Driven on one side, exist of a fixed frame
Download full specification

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