Standen QM Potato Harvester

Standen QM Harvester

Gentle, compact, effective separation comes as standard with the easy to operate Standen QM Harvester. It is a shorter, lighter harvester which offers excellent manoeuvrability and handling. It is ideal for working in small fields as it offers faster turnaround on the headlands resulting in increased productivity. With a total unladen weight of 3.5tonnes the Standen QM Harvester can run on a smaller tractor (approx 65Hp) offering additional savings on fuel and running costs.

The Standen QM Harvester has had an overhaul to accept the latest OMEGA separator, this is hydraulically driven which allows the operator to easily adjust speed and roller height settings for differing soil conditions. Whilst the original Galaxy unit is gentle, the OMEGA offers more aggressive cleaning in wetter soil conditions, but can also be gentle in dry conditions by adjusting roller speeds and extraction roller direction.

A picking off table is also available for the QM to accept up to four people if required.

Low Ground Impact

The Standen QM Harvester comes with automatic depth control as standard, with low ground pressure rubber tyres, electronically sensed for LHS/RHS auto depth control, spring suspension and easy adjustment ensuring low pressure on the ridge or bed.

Option of Vari-Web

The QM comes with the option of the vari-web to eliminate rollback on hillsides or sandy soils. Fitted with wide spaced flights (supple material) and mounted on top the main web. Variable speed control allows it to be matched to the main web speed i.e. 1:1ratio. Any haulm is dealt with via adjustable, plastic covered, spring loaded straight fingers which feed the haulm roller to enable the correct setting for efficient removal.

Gentle and Efficient Separation

The Standen QM Harvester utilises the Galaxy star cleaning system which is simple yet highly effective, consuming less power than axial rollers and delivering high quality results. 2 pairs of fingered stars and contra rotating mechanically driven rollers can be reverse dependent on crop and conditions. With a choice of round, hexagonal square rollers with independent drive, depending on the amount of stone, clod and haulm to be removed. The QM has a short, low angled web which gently transports the crop straight to the separator, retaining excellent crop quality.

Suitable for use on salad and main crop potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips and  turnips.

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Specification overview

Power Requirements From 65hp
Open Front End 1500mm wide front share and web for crops grown in 26-36"rows or beds
Controls Electronic in-cab control box
Depth Control Automatic depth sensing
Weight (unladen) Approx 3.5 tonnes
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"We bought one last year (2017). We love it on our light land. Gentle machine with incredible cleaning ability for its size."

- M Harvey