Simon Leek Harvester

The Simon Leek Harvester is designed to provide excellent results in leek crop harvesting. Good weight distribution provides increased stability for optimum performance.

  • Models range from simple to completely automatic and can be used without an operator 
  • Leaf cutting, root cleaning and other options are available
  • Box and cage handling systems available

New for 2021 is the RPNP model.  This model is an industrial auto box filling model, very similar in capability to the RNPA model. The RPNP model however enables growers to use any box up to a maximum of 1900mm long and 2200mm high meaning that they are no longer limited to using Simon’s own boxes.  A hydraulic elevator works in tandem with the movement of the belt to optimize the filling of the pallet as well as providing an effective system for compacting the leek layers to optimise the pallet fill.

The new model features a 7” touch screen in-cab control panel from which the operator can set up the machine, control working height, speed of coulter shakers , speed of bed and webs,  view up to 4 cameras to ensure correct operation, as well as saving up to 5 different configurations for various box sizes.  

For more information about the Simon Leek Harvester and options available, please visit the Simon website or get in touch, we will be happy to help.

Standen Imports is the UK and Ireland importer of Simon Leek & Carrot Harvesters.