Simon Carrot Harvester

Simon Carrot Harvesters advanced design offer economical and gentle harvesting of carrot crops and are available in a number of different models including:

  • Tractor mounted, trailed, and self propelled harvesters
  • 1-row, 2-row, 3-row and 4-row harvesters
  • Top lifting and share lifting models

Well built and low maintenance, the Simon Carrot Harvester offers optimum reliability for low cost and effective harvesting.

The new Simon Carrot Harvesters have an updated touch screen control box. The drive of the topping units is now driven by stronger gears and they have improved the main drive shaft position along the harvester. Also the new models now offer better side steering on the lifting rails that are capable of working with GPS via angular encoders.  This system working together with the auto depth which also runs off of the same encoders makes lifting a lot easier for the operator. 


For more detailed information on the Simon Harvester range, please visit the Simon website or get in touch.

Standen Imports is the Simon importer for the UK and Ireland.