Imants Fumigators

Imants are specialist in soil fumigation and biofumigation machinery.

The base for this unique machine machine is the rotary spading machine, which is equipped with goose-feet to apply the fumigant and a power driven harrow and power driven smoothroller. The injection device can be separated from the rotary spader. This way it can be used as a two way operation instead of a one way operation. The fumigant is applied at a depth of 10- 12.5 cm (half way the tillage layer) and is mixed through the tillage layer by the rotating spading blades. Then the soil surface is leveled and consolidated by the rotating harrow and "sealed" by a power driven roller.

The application rates may vary from 100 - 1200 litres per ha.

Extensive research has been carried out with metham-sodium, applied with the share injector and the rotary spading injector. The results show that the distribution of MITC in the top soil was much higher in the upper 20 cm whereas in the subsoil at 90 cm and lower it was extremely low, complying with drinking water requirements.

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