Yorkshire Farmer is delighted with the cleaning capability of the Standen T2XS Harvester

The Standen T2XS trailed harvester launched in 2020. This upgrade to the popular T2 model has delivered a 15% increase in the separation area, new haulm roller design, new touch screen controls, a wider choice of separators, improved service access, a wider choice of picking table options and 45% more machine levelling. Standen spoke recently to a farmer who has been running the T2XS for a couple of season to see what he had to say about the new model.

Mark Warkup, who farms 200 acres of seed and 100 acres of ware potatoes on the East Yorkshire Wolds, took delivery of his T2XS at the end of September in 2021. He traded in a 2017 T2 whilst also running a second 2010 T2 when the situation requires it. Having been running the T2XS harvester for two seasons he is really impressed with its capability.

“Being in the Yorkshire Wolds we farm on some tricky land.  The land is stony and the soil can be heavy, ranging from Holderness clay to loam. What has impressed us so much with the T2XS has been the extra cleaning capacity. Having Dolmans working alongside the OMEGA rollers gives us a significant uplift in capacity over the multistep, especially in stickier conditions. In fact our picking team, who had never been on an XS before, are amazed at how clean the harvest is and wondered why more people didn’t have one!

“The other benefits of the T2XS are the ROTO Axle which is excellent for transport and opening up. Also it is really easy to service as the access to the machine is much better. Downtime is reduced as we can maintain the machine easily ourselves. If we have ever had an issue that we can’t resolve ourselves, Phillip and the team at Standen have been very responsive to our needs and have more than satisfactorily solved the problem.”

Edward Gilbert, Sales & marketing Director at Standen said, “We are very pleased with Mark’s feedback on the T2XS’ performance. We worked closely with a number of growers when overhauling the T2 and it is very satisfying to learn that we have got it right both in terms of machine build an the after sales service. We don’t know why more people haven’t got one either!”

For more information about the T2XS or to book a demonstration please contact us on sales@standen.co.uk.