AVR Self Propelled Harvesters

Standen are delighted to be able to offer you AVR self propelled harvesters.

The AVR Puma 4.0 is a heavy-duty, reliable and user-friendly machine will process up to 100 tonnes of potatoes per hour with all the correct settings. Even in wet weather conditions, this gentle giant will soldier on. Your Puma can now also be
connected to the web. This will enable you to capture your machine data on the new AVR Connect platform to work even more efficiently after an initial assessment.

The Puma 4.0 is the ultimate in user-friendliness as it is operated with the aid of a well-designed touch screen, the AVR joystick and a speed dial button.

The latest Puma is a heavy-duty machine, which despite its 23,500 kg still remains a lightweight in its class. The engine's position has been carefully designed so as to counterbalance the elevator. This optimal weight distribution guarantees an equal load on the tires and a minimum amount of track forming.

AVR Puma 4.0 Standard Equipment:

• Haulm topper with lateral discharge
• Stage V motor (Volvo), 12,8 l, 345 kW / 469 pk
• Wheel radius front: 50° - back: 20°
• Tire sizes front: 2x 300/95 R52 - back: 2x 900/60 R38
• Side shift on front axle
• Automatic hydraulic level control
• Claas cabin with seat with air suspension, radio, heating, airco
• Two independent, oscillating digging units
• Electro-hydraulic counterpressure control
• Four pulled, plastic diabolos
• Eight pulled, spring-controlled discs
• Two haulm intake rollers
• Two short digging webs with PUR drive wheels
• Two long sieving webs (universal drive) with three eccentric vibrators
• Two rubberized sieving webs with double profile rod
• 2x2 haulm rollers
• Varioweb (28 axial rollers + pintlebelt)
• Elevator (1,200 mm) with rods, coated with thick star PVC
• Picking-off table (900 mm) with top that can be automatically lowered into the bunker
• Eight ton bunker with elevator (1,650 mm) for unloading while driving
• Truckspot signaling system
• High power LED rear lights

Some options for the Puma 4.0:
• ACC digging unit
• Mud flaps
• Adjustable front axle (2.8 -> 3 m and 3 m -> 3.6 m)
• Universal share holders with stone protection
• Extra agitator in digging web
• Automatic inclination correction pintlebelt/varioweb
• Cross roller set or solely pintlebelt instead of Varioweb
• Electrically foldable and/or adjustable, heated mirrors
• Central lubrication
• Cameras and LED working lights
• Compressor
• Accessories for carrots or onions
• Electrical adjustment of haulm roller

For more information about the AVR Puma 4.0 or to make a sales enquiry please contact us.